Credibility for Vendors and Confidence for Patients: MediK8Mobile and the Revolution in the Delivery of Medical Cannabis

If there is an overarching theme to medical cannabis, a concept that combines innovative technology with an emphasis on excellent customer service, it is this: The rise of that one credible company – the success of that singular voice of legitimacy and security – known as MediK8Mobile, which transforms an iOS or Android device into a source of real-time intelligence about the delivery and receipt of products by, respectively, dispensaries and patients alike.

For our commitment to this issue represents a personal investment on behalf of the clients we help and the consumers we protect, thanks to our HIPAA-compliant policies and the integrity of our leadership; because there is no issue too small for us to overlook, no detail too minuscule for us to dismiss, no degree of operation too minor for us to deny the importance of; there is nothing we will not do, and there is nothing we will not try, to ensure the speed, security, reliability and convenience of the options we provide.

We are, in other words, a technology company with an identity – a business that is a brand, and an enterprise with a sense of emotion; of support for, and admiration on behalf of, the many men and women who work in this industry. MediK8 are their advocates, because we are agents of change:

Together we are the ones responsible for guiding a rapidly growing enterprise, which we enhance with our mobile technology and our visibility as good citizens, first, and trustworthy stewards of information, always.

Today we choose to let our work speak for itself, as we would sooner promote the achievements of our clients than bask in the glow of our own reflection.

We are here to inspire our customers, so we can empower these consumers, now and forevermore.

Mobile Delivery Service App for Drivers

Get to know our MediK8mobile app for Drivers now available for iOS and Android, the following features are included and it’s FREE to every collective delivery services owner:


Get a quick overview of your nearest deliveries, verify the best route for each delivery, get instant turn by turn navigation via your maps apps and automatically record miles driven.


Drivers, know what products you have in stock anytime, anywhere. Add new products to existing orders, view inventory in real time, get patient signature for each order and view history of each order completed by you.

These are just a start of the features that are currently available for Drivers via the apps, we will be adding more features so stay tuned to our blog. Better yet start a free trial for 30days  and check it out.

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