Dec, 2016

Our new video highlighting top 3 problems facing business owners


As cannabis is being legalized in more and more states, a new industry is being born. The entire supply chain is becoming more and more important. Medik8 mobile sets the standard for compliance and tracking for the transportation and delivery

Nov, 2016

Credibility for Vendors and Confidence for Patients: MediK8Mobile and the Revolution in the Delivery of Medical Cannabis


If there is an overarching theme to medical cannabis, a concept that combines innovative technology with an emphasis on excellent customer service, it is this: The rise of that one credible company – the success of that singular voice of

Nov, 2016

Mobile Delivery Service App for Drivers


Get to know our MediK8mobile app for Drivers now available for iOS and Android, the following features are included and it’s FREE to every collective delivery services owner: GPS NAVIGATION & ROUTE MANAGEMENT Get a quick overview of your nearest deliveries,